HRM Services

Weecevre offers a wide range of professional human resource management services on a Pan India basis.

Hospital Staff Management

WEECEVRE helps you get the right people in a manner that adds value to your operations. Our team first understand your need, and your requirement and then goes about getting the right candidates for them.

We initially do a short listing based on the requirement from our own database and then do a preliminary interview to find the most suitable ones, who will be subject to a background check with their previous employers before forwarding a final list of 2-3 of the most suitable ones for your post. These candidates can be met by you before selecting the right one.


Payroll Management

Managing multiple agencies can be a challenge. We are more than just a recruiting company. Taking care of payments, PF, Gratuity, and other mandatories may be too much of an administration hassle. We handle that for you

Manpower Services

We provide the right candidate in the right place at right time to our clients. We at Weecevre make our clients more efficient in the areas of human capital administration and management, by providing quality manpower. We do not just provide assistance in recruiting staff and training employees, but also in creating a new plan and in implementing strategies that would bring more business and capital to the organization.


Best Facility Solutions For Your Business

An effective service provider is the need of the day in any developing/developed country. We at WEECEVRE an effective service provider, we cater to the daily routine services of facility management and manpower services and ensure that the property is immaculately clean/safe to enter a healthy environment to enhance the value and efficiency of the property/outlets.